Luby's Culinary Services


A Natural Evolution.

So you take a 60-year track record of success and you wonder, "what's next?" Aside from just more restaurants, where do you take this comfortable, cafeteria-style approach from here? Fortunately for us, the answer was right in our own backyard.

Cafeteria-style feeding, a natural extension of our brand, is uniquely suited for the healthcare industry. And as we all know, hospitals are notorious for unappetizing meals.

Eureka! Luby's Culinary Services was born.

And not a moment too soon. Surrounded by the Texas Medical Center in the fourth largest city in the country, you could say, the world was our oyster. And since people love Luby's, we were off and running. The possibilities seemed endless and in the beginning we took a conservative approach to developing our culture. We've hit our stride. We're focused on taking a different approach to the contract food service industry. Our mission is clear, our team has gelled and the pieces are in place.