Luby's Culinary Services

Service Area: Business & Industry

We understand camaraderie is more than just the people within the workplace; it's also the interactions.

Luby's Culinary Services prides itself in not just being a contract food service provider, but on being an integral member of your business and we promise to do just that.

We look to enhance our B&I facilities with an approach to food as a lifestyle enhancement and a break from the same old routine. We pride ourselves on our unique and customizable food / marketing program while utilizing our operational efficiencies in your facility to drive our day to day performance. This means you can rest assured your business is taken care of as we do our own; nothing is left to chance or taken for granted.

Our Value Proposition
Imagine having the power and experience of a solid brand behind you, without having to pay for a franchise. The key to increasing satisfaction among your employees and staff is to provide a great dining experience to everyone in the facility. Ensuring the culinary service is exceptional from the café, executive dining room, catering events, vending and conference rooms will improve morale and increase participation levels for your employees and staff. We consider ourselves your partner.

We apply the same high standards to our B&I segment as we do our other facets of our culinary service operations. Our resources offer the latest in nutrition and wellness as well as a corporate sustainability program. We apply our brand equity and our best management so that you can offer restaurant-quality food and menus within your budget.

Partnerships & Programs
We pride ourselves in building relationships with national brands and local partners to bring your dollar to flexible buying power.

As the attention to health and wellness continues to grow, Luby's Culinary Services steadily keeps its finger on the pulse of this focus with our Livin' Smart program and Stealth Health™ options throughout our menu offerings. These programs continue to push the boundaries of nutrition and reach for healthier creative ways to include nutritional value to the food you love.